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16 of March of 2016
Home Composting - a successful bet
Over 9450 composters have been delivered to citizens of Lipor eight municipalities...
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28 of October of 2015
LIPOR has reduced its carbon footprint in -16.3% from 2006 to 2014
LIPOR understand that the commitment to sustainable development should integrate climate change issues in its business strategy
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22 of June of 2015
Lipor inaugurate pedestrian path connecting Palmilheira Pier to Adventure Park
LIPOR and its Associated Municipalities inaugurated the Pedestrian path of access to the Adventure Park.
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11 of May of 2015
LIPOR inaugurates LIPOR Academy facilities
LIPOR obtained certification as a Trainer by the CEFA - Foundation for studies and Training Agencies.
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11 of February of 2014
LIPOR wins Award Excellence at Work
LIPOR was awarded the 1st place in the category of medium-sized companies in the Public Sector with “Excellence at Work” Award. This distinguished LIPOR for being one of the companies of excellence.
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