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The Food Bank Against Hunger in Porto integrates a national network of 21 Food Banks. Among this Bank's activities, receiving surplus food on a daily basis that has been donated by the agri-food industry, farmers, distribution chains, and supply market operators are particularly noteworthy. This is how food products are recovered that otherwise would've most likely been disposed of.

These surpluses are collected and distributed locally by Social Solidarity Institutions, with the process being continuously monitored by volunteers of the Bank. This is how the Food Bank Against Hunger in Porto combats food shortages, and also tackles waste and consumerism, concepts which tend to characterize societies nowadays.

António Serôdio, aged 33, has a degree in Business Management and is the Managing Director of the Food Bank Against Hunger in Porto.
Located in Perafita, Matosinhos, António Serôdio highlights the Food Collection Campaigns in supermarkets as being the Food Bank's most significant and successful activity "thanks to the media visibility due to the sharing, solidarity, and joy." The generosity shown by the Portuguese during the two weekends in which the annual campaigns take place, as well as the availability of the volunteers is fantastic. The most impactful moment for the director was "knowing that on one of the Saturdays during the Campaign, at 8 p.m. on a winter's evening, we had 3000 volunteers in the supermarkets and 400 more in warehouses - people who gave up time from their weekend to help those in need.

António Serôdio states that "the Food Bank's mission is to tackle food waste. Receiving food every day which has been donated by companies or private institutions and knowing that these partners share our concern, and want to reduce food waste, makes us very happy." The challenge for the Food Bank in Porto is "To collect where there is a surplus and to provide where there is a deficit." We often work until the afternoon so that everything's ready the following day for delivery to the 300 Institutions that we support." And the major inspiration for the Food Bank is "to help the 60,000 people in the Porto District every day, and to tackle food waste."

António Serôdio ends with a message, asking us all to think consciously: "helping out doesn't cost a thing and sharing feels good! Reducing food waste is key so that we can build a better and fairer society.

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