Food waste is one of the major problems in society nowadays. At LIPOR, food waste represents around 27% of municipal waste.

To combat this issue, several projects have been developed; ideas that are environmental, social and/or economic in nature that contribute towards minimizing this problem and extending the shelf life of food. And we are aligned with these projects. Giving a second life to foodstuffs, promoting their circularity and preventing their disposal are the motto for GoodAfter business idea.

GoodAfter is an online supermarket specializing in the sale of (non-perishable) food and non-food products that are close to or have passed their date of consumption, as well as obsolete, discontinued or seasonal products. Products that are fit for consumption as well as products that are destined for the trash can.

This is therefore one of LIPOR's (Un)Likely Partnerships, where it's possible to create value through a business idea, giving food a second chance, which plays a key role in Waste Prevention! The contribution from all consumers is key to ensure the sustainability of this initiative!

After speaking with GoodAfter's Manager, Chantal Camps de Gispert (who has a degree in Translation and Interpretation and a Master's in Finance and MBA) it became clear that the company's motivation is "To believe in a sustainable way of living. We give a second chance to all products destined for the trash, and this is how we do business. She said their biggest challenge was "Convincing Suppliers as well as Customers" and GoodAfter's defining moment was "being the 16th most newsworthy company in Portugal (according to Cision) in 2016, the year in which we have been launched." Chantal leaves a message for the readers "at GoodAfter, we thank our customers for their sustainable behavior by awarding them with low prices" and invites you "to visit us at”.

(Un)Likely Partnerships, together we can make a difference!
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