Upcycling LIPOR

Let's give a new life to products.

Where most us will see waste, we see an opportunity.

Upcycling is a movement, complementary to Recycling, which is gaining more and more importance and fans. This is basically the reuse of objects and materials to create new products, often with different functions, but without changing the main characteristics of the original object.

With the upcycle we reduce the amount of waste produced, avoid spending water and energy and we also avoid buying new objects, thus using less natural resources. Therefore, by reducing the use of new raw materials, we reduce pollution and, also, greenhouse gases emissions.
As part of LIPOR's Product Reuse and Recovery Strategy, we encourage upcycling to enhance the circularity and prolong the useful life of materials and products.

In practice, we promote the use of end-of-life materials as raw materials, allowing for their artistic valorisation and creative recovery. We created a space dedicated to Upcycling at LIPOR facilities and through the project Upcycling in the Park we produce furniture for Parque Aventura, using the creative transformation of materials.

We believe that a product is waste just when we waste its potential.
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