Horta da Formiga (Home Composting Center)

Visit the Horta da Formiga and learn how to compost at home.

The Horta da Formiga (Home Composting Center) is where we show you how easy is it to compost at home. The process is very simple, and there are many advantages which you'll find out about during the visit.

In addition to teaching you what composting is, its advantages and different uses, we also show you different types of composting bins and what factors you should keep an eye out for in order to succeed.

In the Horta da Formiga, you can also visit the plots of land where we practice organic farming, the herbs, the orchard, and the farm animals, giving visitors the full experience.

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Visits to the Horta da Formiga are available from preschool onwards, and each group shall have a maximum of 25 children. These visits last approximately one hour and a half. As this is an outdoor activity, the children must bring comfortable clothing and footwear, a hat, and sunscreen.

Due to technical reasons, only one visit per period (morning/afternoon) is possible, and visits depend on weather conditions.
For your own safety, when walking through LIPOR's facilities, you must always stay on the routes marked for pedestrians, as you are inside an industrial unit with intense and constant circulation of heavy vehicles and industrial machinery.
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Booking requests are always subject to subsequent written confirmation from LIPOR.
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