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We share our knowledge.
For your own safety, when walking through LIPOR's facilities, you must always stay on the routes marked for pedestrians, as you are inside an industrial unit with intense and constant circulation of heavy vehicles and industrial machinery.
With the aim of opening and promoting knowledge within the area of waste management, we promote visits to our facilities, explaining the journey that the waste takes, from the moment it arrives at the unit to its final destination. We currently have seven visit circuits available to the different areas and units.

We share our know-how from Tuesdays to Fridays.

We host Schools, Institutions, Associations, Companies and other Organized Groups. The Groups shall have a minimum of 10 people and visits shall be scheduled giving at least 5 days’ notice, as the dates and times are subject to availability.

Find out more about the Circuits available and schedule the visit that best fits your group's objectives and level:

Recycling | Sorting Center - from 3rd Grade onwards
Energy Recovery | Energy Recovery Plant - from High School onwards
Energy Recovery | Biogas Transformation Plant/Photovoltaic Plant - from High School onwards; Technical and Professional Courses in the areas of Energy/Technology

Organic Recovery | Horta da Formiga - from Preschool onwards

Adventure Park (Groups) - from Preschool onwards
Interpretative Circuit of the Eco-Trail - from 4th Grade onwards
Visits are free, but as a token amount, we ask you to bring Paper, Cardboard, Plastic Packaging, Metal or Glass to be recycled.
Booking requests are subject to subsequent written confirmation from LIPOR.
For further information, please contact Fátima Nogueira by phone (+351) 229 770 100 or by e-mail fatima.nogueira@lipor.pt.
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