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Venture into Nature.

The Adventure Park is a practical example of an environmental restoration project. After years of receiving the garbage of Greater Porto, the Landfill Site was closed and renovated, giving rise to a space for fun, leisure, and learning. Here you'll be able to enjoy the green of nature, the trails and our leisure facilities, in a space that promotes physical activity, healthy nutrition, respect for the environment, and socializing.

Group visits to the Adventure Park are informal and have a fun and educational aspect. Thus, after handing in the Token Amount (paper/card, plastic, metal or glass packaging), a small awareness session about LIPOR and the Adventure Park is held.

Afterwards, the Group will be able to explore the Adventure Park by themselves and use our facilities, namely the Mini Football Pitch, Minigolf, the Children's Park, Obstacle Course, Tree-Climbing Circuit, and traditional games.

To provide support to the Groups, a team of supervisors will always be available to monitor and oversee the Park's activities.

Find out more about the Adventure Park & Eco-Trail.

Group visits to the Adventure Park are available from Preschool onwards, and each group shall not exceed 150 people at each period of the day (morning/afternoon). These visits last approximately one hour and a half. As this is an outdoor activity, the children shall bring comfortable clothing and footwear, a hat, and sunscreen. They can bring snacks and have a picnic in the Adventure Park.

Visits to the Adventure Park only take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays and depend on weather conditions.
For your own safety, when walking through LIPOR's facilities, you must always stay on the routes marked for pedestrians, as you are inside an industrial unit with intense and constant circulation of heavy vehicles and industrial machinery.
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Booking requests are always subject to subsequent written confirmation from LIPOR.
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