What is the Park

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The Adventure Park is a space prepared to promote physical activity, healthy eating, respect for the environment and individual socialisation-integral. It is located on the premises of Lipor (Gondomar and Valongo).

The Adventure Park is a result from a sealing Landfill project, environmental and landscape recovery.
The former Landfill is located on land annexed to the Organic Recovery Plant and next to the Social and administrative support Buildings of LIPOR. With an area of approximately 19 ha, received since 1970 much of urban waste in the municipalities members of LIPOR.

The activity of Closing, sealing and Landscape Recovery, Landfill, aimed to repair the negative environmental effects of the landfill of waste for a long period of time. To this end, it was implemented a monitoring system consisting of a system of capture and leachate drainage; a superficial rainwater drainage system; a system for collecting and draining of

LIPOR created a playful space zone, leisure and training that can be used by the population of Grande Porto-ADVENTURE PARK.
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