5 tips on how to reduce food waste

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Throw away a food that was days or weeks in our fridge, kitchen or pantry is a common situation in the houses of the Portuguese, unfortunately, but its occurrence can decrease dramatically if consumers "think" in advance about what they will eat. And plan the management of your kitchen and pantry.

According to the project of study and reflection on Food Waste, published in 2012 and quoted by "Protects What's good," every year are wasted a million tonnes of food in Portugal. This million, 324,000 tonnes are lost at home. Get to know some ways to reduce food waste in your home.

1. Re-evaluate your purchases

Many Portuguese enjoy the trips to the supermarket to search for items that are on sale. The problem is that buying a large volume of products will enjoy may not be synonymous with savings. If you can't consume the amount of food they purchase before the deadline of validity ends, will eventually spend more than save, especially if put the products in the trash. Therefore, make planning your meals to ensure that when he goes to the grocery store buy the quantities.

2. Confirm the terms of validity

Before buying any food confirm the expiration date. According to the advice of the DECO is important to distinguish between the ' use by ' date ("consume up to ...") and the minimum term of duration of the product ("best before ..."). Foods that have a shelf life described as "best before ..." can be consumed with greater security even after the date. But this is no longer the case with those who have the expiry date, and must be respected to avoid health problems.

3. Plan your meals according to the products you have at home

Planning your meals with ingredients you have at home is one of the ways to reduce food waste. Let that be the date of purchase of the ingredients to dictate what you eat first. Remember that fresh products should be eaten early and reserve a drawer of your freezer for products with longer life. By adopting this routine will gain a better sense of what places in your shopping cart. Other suggestions to be taken into account is to write a list of all products you have purchased and how you can use them in the following days.

4. Reuse leftovers and enjoy the best of food

Bought more fruit and you don't know what to do with the pieces of fruit that have already matured. Choose to use these parts in juice or sweets. In addition, you can also use fruit yogurt, honey and milk in their juices. The same principle of exploitation applies to other foods. For example, if you have left some rice and meat can take advantage of to make a rice pot pie. The remains of fish can be used to make a souffle or a quiche.

5. Take advantage of the freezer

If you have purchased or confecionou food remember that freeze is always an option. If you notice that you're not going to consume in the next few days what they cooked, place the food in an airtight container in order to keep the food in the freezer

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