A Conversation With… Chantal de Gispert

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Chantal Camps de Gispert

Manger and Co-founder of GoodAfter

LIPOR: How did the GoodAfter project came about?

Chantal Camps de Gispert (CCG): The idea of creating GoodAfter.com (www.goodafter.com) was shaped when we realized that it was possible and successful to market products with "Best-before” tags in some Nordic countries and that might also be possible here in Portugal.

We believe that because of Portugal's economic and financial situation, it would be a good option to explore the possibility of increasing the life cycle of those types of products and give people the possibility of consuming them at high discounts.

We are giving a new life to food and non-food products that have the term "Best-before" and which no longer have shelf space in traditional supermarkets and whose destination would very possibly be the waste bin.

LIPOR: What is the project about? What kind of products can be found at GoodAfter?

CCG: GoodAfter.com is an online supermarket for Portugal and Spain specialized in products that are close to their preferred and even outdated date, as well as obsolete, discontinued or seasonal line products. We sell everything that no longer has space in your usual grocery shop and supermarket. The underlying idea of GoodAfter.com is to fight waste. We are a supermarket of opportunities.

Food and non-food products. As far as food products are concerned, we only sell non-perishable products.

LIPOR: Which products have the most demand?

CCG: Grocery, Beauty and Hygiene. The 3 best sellers are: tomato sauce, tuna and bath gel.

LIPOR: Who is the target audience for the project?

CCG: By analysing this first year of the project we can say that our customers are very loyal, that they return to order after their first experience. They are people looking for business opportunities to save on the supermarket bill at the end of the month.

At the same time, they are also environmentally friendly people aware of the impact that the waste of food and non-food goods has on society and on the planet.

LIPOR: What has been the reaction to the project?

CCG: The balance is very positive; we have close to 20,000 people registered on our website and 30,000 on social networks. We have already sold 30 tons of product whose destination would have been the garbage container.

LIPOR: How do you select the products to market?

CCG: By now, we have 8 categories of food and non-food products ranging from Grocery to Hygiene products, Animal goods, etc.

We only sell non-perishable products with the designation "best-before". Our desire is that our customers can make their purchases at GoodAfter.com. However, we are a supermarket of opportunities and as such the products vary according to the lots that arrive to us.

LIPOR: How do you guarantee the quality of the product?

CCG: We carry out periodic quality checks.

LIPOR: What end is given to products that do not meet the quality parameters?

CCG: We are very careful with the stocks we buy. We have not yet come across this situation.

LIPOR: How is transportation done, and how long does it take to get to the customer on average?

CCG: The transport is ensured by our partner CTT Expresso both for Portugal and Spain (through the Tourline Express). Deliveries are made the next day in Portugal and take 48 hours in Spain.

LIPOR: Is it planned to build a physical store? For when? Where?

CCG: The concept of the supermarket GoodAfter.com is not only innovative for the final consumer, but for most suppliers’ business models. This makes it a constantly growing concept, with an offer that is growing at the rhythm of the interest and availability of the suppliers and the adaptation and acceptance of the consumers to this model.

We did not want to spend too much energy and resources in the creation of a conventional supermarket at this stage. The "click & collect store" that we are now launching allows customers to pick up their products on the day they ordered and it is based on our warehouse Hipercentro, at Centro Empresarial do Porto, something that is not so complex and demanding like setting up a conventional supermarket.

This is GoodAfter.com's first step towards the setting up of a physical space where customers can collect purchases made on the online platform, increasingly improving the purchasing experience and adapting to the real needs of customers.

The "click & collect store" is GoodAfter.com's first step toward creating a physical store, so we will look at how receptive this method is before evolve to the "traditional" supermarket model.

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