Biodiversity improvement and promotion: the answer for sustainable green spaces

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Reduce garden waste, maintenance time, water consumption and avoid the use of dangerous chemical products (like herbicides and pesticides) are the main goals of JARDIM AO NATURAL (Natural Garden) a project born in HORTA DA FORMIGA.

Promoting biodiversity knowledge within gardeners, managers of green spaces and citizens allows users to get to know more about the natural cycles that can be found on every green space. With the use of native plants, soil care and teaming up with plants, insects and other beings the "JARDIM AO NATURAL” sites can be enjoyed freely and safely by all.

"JARDIM AO NATURAL” can use less than 70% of water, reduces garden waste production by 66% and requires 68% less maintenance time than a traditional (grass) garden.

Team up with us and with nature to improve biodiversity in private and public gardens -
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