“Horta à Porta” project aims to provide 25m2 plots to citizens that wish to practice organic farming

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In July 2003, Lipor launched "Horta à Porta" project in an attempt to optimize space, information and the means that exist in this region. It met the need for interaction between several local entities, in order to define a strategy for Greater Porto in terms of home composting, the creation of kitchen gardens and promotion of organic farming. This initiative creates useful and dynamic green spaces, promotes biodiversity and good agricultural practices, like home composting and organic farming, and also fosters the contact with nature, quality of life, subsistence and social responsibility.

Our aim is to provide 25 m2 plots to citizens that wish to practice organic farming and composting, with the purpose of providing fresh, tasty and authentic food, respecting, at the same time, the natural life cycles. In addition to the plot, future farmers also get training on organic farming: crop rotation, non-use of synthetic chemical fertilisers, use of natural resources and preservation of the surrounding environment.

The products they cultivate are destined for their own consumption, water and tool storage space are provided. An individual composter or community composter is also provided.

"Horta à Porta" project has currently 46 kitchen gardens in different locations and involves 28 partners, including Parish Councils, Municipalities and others.

"Horta à Porta" project provides a total of 1466 plots, most of them in urban areas. Almost 10,26 ha of organic farming that bears in mind environmental and social issues.

We want to guarantee that everyone has the possibility to cultivate its own kitchen garden, contributing to a better product quality, health and environment.
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