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Why shouldn't we place in eco-containers and drop-off sites other types of glass, besides glass bottles, demijohns and jars? 

The glass used for packaging, which can be placed in eco-containers and drop-off sites, has a specific composition.
The glass collected will be used as cullet to produce new glass packaging, so it is necessary to ensure that no other types of glass are mixed up in the cullet used in the recycling process.
Glass crockery, crystal items, glasses, among other glass products we use daily have chemical compositions which are different from that of glass bottles, so they cannot be placed in the selective collection containers (eco-containers and drop-off sites).

What is the difference between eco-containers and drop-off sites? 

An eco-container is a set of three containers for the selective collection of used packaging: a yellow container (for plastic and metal packages), a blue one (for paper and cardboard, newspapers, magazines and writing paper) and a green one (for glass packaging). This set can also include a small red container for batteries.
A drop-off site is a large park where used packaging and other types of waste are collected, such as wood, slag from construction and demolition works, household appliances, furniture, mineral and vegetable oils, car batteries, etc. However, not all drop-off sites are prepared to receive the same types of waste, so check what can be delivered where.
And don't forget: eco-containers are not the only way of sorting for recycling purposes!

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