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What is Waste Production Prevention? 

Prevention is at the top of the European waste management hierarchy, and it is divided in two categories:
  Quantitative prevention (reduction of the amount of waste)
  Qualitative prevention (reduction of its hazardous content).
Prevention includes reduction and reuse and aims to prevent waste production. Prevention allows a reduction of production, treatment and disposal costs, natural resource consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

May I use the plastic bags offered in supermarkets to collect unsorted waste or should I buy specific bags for this? What is more environmentally friendly? 

As a waste prevention measure, we shouldn't use plastic bags that are offered in supermarkets to carry our groceries, but use reusable bags or other containers, either made of plastic or tissue.
For the disposal of unsorted waste, you can buy appropriate bags (sold in supermarkets, available in different sizes) or you can use plastic bags you already have at home. These specific bags can accommodate more waste using less raw materials, as they are usually larger than those given in supermarkets.
Furthermore, the bags given in supermarkets sometimes have holes, which forces you to use more than one at the same time, contributing to an increase in waste production. 

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