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This Conference is another step towards meeting the 17th Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) - Partnerships for the Goals. This is an initiative that clearly shows that the implementation of SDG will depend not only on the commitment of governments but also on the involvement of citizens.


The message is clear: Circular Economy is one of the key elements that ensure the survival and prosperity of life, and therefore Circular Economy needs products, services and business models that are committed to its principles and fully aligned in its purposes.

The Regions, Cities and Companies are already integrating the principles of the Circular Economy into their dynamics, allowing new opportunities to emerge and generating benefits on multiple areas.

Come and debate with the main actors of this movement and discover the progresses on the way to this paradigm.

The Conference Program is now available!

Registration: Fátima Nogueira | | +351 229 770 100



This will be a "Dose Certa" (Right Portion) Event

Food waste is an unfortunate byproduct of many Events. This is due to the difficulty in predicting participants' appetite, lack of attendance or over-supply. Furthermore food waste is also a waste of resources (labour, water, energy), time and effort, and of course money. Hence, it is imperative to take action!

Lipor’s campaign Dose Certa (Right Portion) in Events intends to do just that: work with catering services to implement measures to reduce food waste, the production of waste (seasonal products, national produces, biodegradable packaging) and provide the donation of leftovers to a Social Institution – SEMENTE - ensuring food safety rules. These donations will be recorded to get a sense of the impact of this initiative.

At the same time, there is a strong commitment to raise awareness about food waste issues as a shared responsibility, before, during and after each event.

Do not feed waste. Rather nourish your conscience.

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