A new approach to composite products on the way to the Circular Economy.
In September 2016, we joined the ECOBULK project, an international consortium led by EXERGY.

ECOBULK is a large-scale European initiative, funded by Horizon 2020, which will demonstrate that re-using, upgrading, refurbishing, and recycling composite products is possible, profitable, sustainable and appealing.

Several composite products in the furniture, automotive and building sectors were chosen as demonstrators to prove a new circular model.

This project's Strategy is to change the preconceptions at the level of design, manufacture, logistics and client behavior, creating benefits for the environment, society and the economy, providing business opportunities across the value chain. 

Learn more about the new structures installed at the LIPOR Adventure Park and check the photos

The project has a multidisciplinary group of partners, that came together to develop new circular technologies and strategies applied to the sectors mentioned above.

Find out more about the Ecobulk project.

At Ecomundo the video explaining the project, its aims and practical demonstrations was exhibited for the first time. We share it with you:

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