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We are partners of LIFE TACKLE (Teaming up for A Conscious Kick for the Legacy of Environment), a European project that aims to improve the environmental management of matches and events, raising awareness and drawing attention to the environmental issues in the football sector, thus involving the most relevant stakeholders - National Football Associations, Football Clubs, Stadium Managers, and Supporters.

Created by the Institute of Management of Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna (Pisa, Italy), together with UEFA and 7 other international partners, and co-funded by the European Commission, by the Life Environment Program, at a time in which environmental issues are becoming increasingly more relevant.

Aware of this topic, we became partners with FC Porto, who installed new equipment for the disposal of plastic/metal, paper/cardboard, and glass packaging in its administrative areas.
With this new equipment and through the active participation of all employees, FC Porto aims to raise awareness and optimize internal waste management, encouraging various material flows to be recycled.

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