LIPOR in International Consortium to provide services in Trinidad & Tobago

LIPOR has just signed another contract in the international market. The contract is the result of a Consortium between KWL - Quality Management Systems (CH Group), LIPOR and Kairi Consultants Limited and was signed with the Ministry of Rural Development and Local Government, represented by Solid Waste Management Company Limited (SWMCOL). The contract provides for the development of "Consultancy Services for a waste characterization study in Trinidad & Tobago". The project is funded by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and will last 12 months. 
It is important to point out that the knowledge that comes from a project of this nature is essential for the definition of objectives and goals in terms of waste management; conscious decision-making that is appropriate and adapted to previously established objectives; verification of compliance with pre-established goals; definition of coherent interventions in the different waste streams, among others. Naturally, any waste management system must have an up-to-date characterization of waste production in its area of intervention.

The project also foresees training actions and the implementation of a sustainable waste management program and the possible prevention of waste production.
It should be reminded that in the last few years, LIPOR has adopted an internationalization strategy based on the valorization of its Know How of 40 years of experience. A strategy that has allowed LIPOR to win international contracts and consolidate its position with the main multilateral institutions.

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