LIPOR on a mission to the Ivory Coast for the World Bank

The Consortium between Prospectiva, Concept and LIPOR was contracted by the Ministry of Sanitation and Health of Ivory Coast and the World Bank to carry out the "Technical Feasibility Study of the project to optimize the management of municipal solid waste in the Autonomous District of Abidjan".

The project is still underway, despite some delays, and is scheduled to end in March/April 2023.

The project is divided into 4 Missions, with Mission 2 currently completed and Mission 3 in preparation.

Mission 1 consisted of the Diagnosis of the Management System of Municipal Solid Waste and similar in the Autonomous District of Abidjan and the target localities of the Study (Bassam, Sikensi and Dabou), Mission 2, where the Operational Scheme of pre-collection, collection/ transfer, treatment and recovery of waste was developed, in the localities of Bassam, Sikensi and Dabou, and Mission 3 is in preparation, with the aim of presenting a summary of the preliminary design of the infrastructure for the management of municipal solid waste and similar.

Mission 4 relies on the preparation and elaboration of documents for consultation with specialized entities.

LIPOR consultants, specialists in waste management, have already participated in 4 field missions to Abidjan and are in permanent contact with the consortium partners and the Client, participating and contributing actively to the execution of the Project tasks under their responsibility.

With 40 years of activity, LIPOR designs and implements the best customized and sustainable waste management solutions, in an international context, based on its experience, skills and know-how.

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