The door-to-door selective collection project

Residential Door-to-Door Collection

The Door-to-Door Selective Collection Project is guided by the strategic objectives, both of LIPOR and of the Municipalities, in which the implementation of a system is inserted as a measure that enhances the increase of the quantities collected selectively and with a view to the fulfilment of the goals defined in the national waste management plan as the goal of preparing for reuse and recycling and taking back from selective collections, this project becomes crucial.

In 2019, LIPOR, in conjunction with its Associated Municipalities, concluded the first phase of implementation of the Door-to-Door selective collection project in the residential sector, thus covering all municipalities in the area of influence of LIPOR.

For the excellent results and for the community to become a society with a more active and sustainable role, LIPOR, in articulation with the Municipalities, will continue to encourage the selective collection of Door-to-Door of various fractions (paper / cardboard, plastic / metal and glass packaging, bio-waste and garbage). In this sense, streamlined in close collaboration with the Municipalities, in the last quarter of 2019 a new phase began, of enlargement, for the creation of new collection or strengthening circuits of the existing ones. The implementation continues to be supported in the "Reciclar é Dar +” campaign, based on a positive approach by proactive contact, also door-to-door, through which the individual and social benefits of membership are transmitted, such as proximity, convenience , sustainability and solidarity.

During the year 2019, 4,226 new customers were integrated in the selective door-to-door collection project in the residential sector, and at this level the service covers 67,493 households, corresponding to 14% of the households in LIPOR's geographic area. Of these, 8,143 households are also served with selective door-to-door collection of food waste.

Non-Residential Door-to-Door Collection

Like the Residential Door-to-Door project, LIPOR also promotes the Door-to-Door Project in the Non-Residential sector, aimed at entities in the public or private sector of commerce and services through the projetos "Reciclar é Dar+” and/ or "Aqui Separamos com o Coração”.

It should be noted that, in the various municipalities of LIPOR, they have in due course reinforced and consolidated their circuits by attracting new customers for the collection circuits. In the non-residential sector, bio-waste door-to-door collection already serves 2,024 establishments.

These are just two examples of innovative projects that LIPOR has at national and international level. Contact us for more information.
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