Do you know where to put the used cooking oils (oils used in frying food)?

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If you answered "Should I put in orange ecocontainers placed on the public way" CONGRATULATIONS! It’s the correct answer!

Used cooking oils - UCO (sunflower, soybean oil, olive oil, among others), unfortunately, most of the time, is dumped by the cesspool of banking ...

This is an environmental error we can voluntarily or involuntary commit!

The advantages of the separation of used cooking oils are numerous, as well as a final destination suitable for this type of waste, the environmental, social and economic benefits are of great importance.

Are no contamination of watercourses (a litre of cooking oil contaminates about of 1 million liters of water. The equivalent to the consumption of a person in the period of 14 years!), the conservation of plumbing pipes, the proper functioning of the WWTP (wastewater treatment plants) and the exemplary attitude of good citizen, aware of the current problems that really interfere with the future of the planet and the generations.

The UCO separated are deposited in specific containers and subsequently collected and forwarded for recycling, in particular for the production of natural soap or biodiesel (biofuel).

Currently, in LIPOR intervention area there are ecocontainers for deposition of used cooking oils in all its associated municipalities. Unable to use one of these collection points, it is best to store the used cooking oils in plastic bottles or, with paper napkins used, absorb the oil for subsequent deposition in the unsorted waste container. Thus, we do not harm and do not contaminate watercourses.

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