How can I make the waste sorting if there are not enough ecocontainers?

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If you answered " The number of ecocontainers is enough and in addition there are other locations where you can put the materials sorted" CONGRATULATIONS! It’s the correct answer!

This is a feeling, sometimes taken as an absolute truth. But this does not correspond effectively to the truth. In addition to the ecocontainers there are still many other infrastructures for which separate is a natural attitude.

The active and committed participation of consumers in the recycling process begins at home with the sorting of used packaging by material: plastic, metal, paper and cardboard, glass and wood. Packaging waste must then be placed in the appropriate equipment provided by the municipal authorities. In Portugal have been progressively deployed several equipments that allow consumer participation in selective collection, such as: ecocontainers, drop-of-sites and baskets or bags for door-to-door collection.

At this point, the citizens of LIPOR geographical area (Espinho, Gondomar, Maia, Matosinhos, Porto, Povoa de Varzim, Valongo and Vila do Conde), have at their disposal a complete system of infrastructures, equipment and services for the selective deposition of waste: Drop-of-sites, ecocontainers and selective collection circuits door-to-door. This set of infrastructures is still, complemented by a set of special services of collecting, a Sorting Plant and support platforms, where the materials sorted by citizens suffer a further more detailed separation (sorting), later being sent for recycling industries.

So, don't forget: sorting for recycling does not mean just use the recycling bin!
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