How many kilos of compost are produced, approximately, with the treatment of 1 ton of organic waste from selective collection?

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If you answered "250 kg", congratulations! You got the correct answer!

The composting process transforms the organic and biodegradable waste into a compost that can be used in agriculture with important advantages, such as the improvement of soil characteristics, water retention capacity and as a deterrent to soil degradation.

In LIPOR System, the organic recovery is ensured through a Composting Plant with capacity to treat 60,000 ton/ year of organic waste, complemented with the implementation of several selective collection circuits.

Along with the industrial process, composting can be easily made at home and the compost produced can be applied in your garden or kitchen garden.

In any case, compost production is around 25% of the starting material, so the correct answer is 250 kg of compost produced per 1000 kg of raw material.

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