How many times can the paper be recycled?

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If you answered " Up to 5 times" CONGRATULATIONS! It’s the correct answer!

Contrary to what many think, the paper/cardboard recycled is already a reality in the lives of all of us! The recycled paper has many useful applications. There are many products that consume daily where the fibres of paper/card retrieved and recycled are present. From recycled paper produces new paper, newsprint (has about 80% of fibres), magazines, books, toilet paper, napkins, paper towels. From the packaging of detergent to shoe boxes, wrapping paper, envelopes and boxes of food, there are several products that we consume that are made from wastepaper.

The paper's life does not end with your use, since the used paper can be recycled up to 5 times! The recovered paper fibres are reused in the manufacture of new paper products, giving the paper a new life.

However, and for that recycling is a reality, the collaboration of consumers is crucial - in practice, recycling begins in domestic separation of used packaging, without which this process is not possible!

Wastepaper recycling saves natural resources and contributes to the protection of the environment. Recycled paper is not synonymous of low quality papper - is a sign of quality of life! Recycling starts by domestic separation of used packaging and placement in the correct recycling facility. Yours contribute count! Recycle: your role is essential!
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