Immaterial gifts: do you know what it is?

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If you answered " Are gifts that are not materials: a movie ticket, a donation, a voucher to enjoy a service ..." CONGRATULATIONS! It’s the correct answer!

In the consumer society we live in 99% of the stuff we buy end up in the trash in less than six months!

And that includes, of course, the Christmas presents. To compound the problem, all of these things had to be grown, collected, mined, melted, assembled, transported, frozen, among many other industrial operations, for, six months after, being in the trash.

And that's not counting all the waste produced during these processes. What a waste!

And how about thinking in a new approach? How about offer immaterial gifts?


  • Offer an experience of outdoors, mountain or radical;
  • Offer tickets for a concert, theatre or a cultural spectacle;
  • Donate the money you would spend on a Social Welfare Institution, on behalf of that person;
  • Offer a training or a wine tasting;
  • Offer a voucher for a session of meditation or alternative medicines;
  • Offer an experience in a spa or massage;
  • Offer tickets to a sporting event;
  • Offer a cooking course;
  • Offer a gift card to a store useful for the person who will receive

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