Sorting waste taking of people job?

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If you answered "It's a lie" CONGRATULATIONS! It’s the correct answer!

Quite the contrary! According to a study titled "more work, less waste” from the Association "Friends of the Earth Europe”, at least 500,000 new jobs could be created, if the countries of the European Union (EU) Recycle 70% of the generated waste.

The study also concluded that if the waste were recycled instead of being sent to landfills, could generate ten times more jobs.

The "Friends of the Earth Europe” points out that landfills and incinerators are the final destination of more than 5 billion tons of waste each year in EU countries. Therefore, estimates that if all this material was recycled, "would it be possible to save the equivalent of 148 million of greenhouse gases or the equivalent to removing about roads of 47 million of cars".

According to a study by the "Instituto Superior Técnico” and the "3Drivers consultant”, at the request of the green dot company, in Portugal, the recycling of packaging employs nearly 2,400 people directly and indirectly generates a total of 7,000 jobs in companies that enter the system.
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