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If you answered "Wouldn't it make sense to ask for separate back to mix it up…" CONGRATULATIONS! It’s the correct answer!

A very common question made by citizens is the related with the materials mix. Often, there is the misconception that paper/paperboard and packaging are all mixed together in the car that make the collection. There is also the idea that many times, the recyclables are mixed with unsorted waste, which is also a totally wrong idea. We try to demystify this idea so, as the following explanation:

The collection of recyclable materials placed in existing ecocontainers on the public highway is made with appropriate vehicles (crane, usually) and that are not at all adapted to the unsorted waste containers collection.

If the ecocontainers are buried (vulgar "molocks"), the collection of materials is done with cars also crane; actually, in this case the collection has similarities with the molocks for the " waste "undifferentiated, but only on the type of vehicle.

All recyclable materials collected through the ecocontainers of the public highway, or through the molocks-ecopoints are forwarded to the Lipor Sorting Plant without any mixture of materials (except the one that wrongly by lack of knowledge or slouch is made by municipalities).

Note: Sources-Green Point Society and Waste Observatory Lipor
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