Why should we spreading of packages?

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If you answered "To take up less space in the recycling bin" CONGRATULATIONS! It’s the correct answer!

Whenever possible, drain the entire contents of packaging and flatten them, so as to occupy less space. In this way, in addition to occupy less space at home and reducing the number of journeys to the recycling bin, also reduces the volume will occupy on the Eco container by lowering costs and pollution caused by transport and storage of these materials.

The bottles, carboys and plastic containers, so they don't go back to its original form, must be placed the respective caps after being flattened.

The ECAL packaging (cartons for liquid foods, more known as Tetrapack) must also be drained and flattened. 300 Packages of 1 litre empty ECAL and flat occupy space equivalent to 14 liters. Imagine the space savings that we can create with this simple gesture!

The next time you go to the Eco Container, remember that this may contain more than double of the materials if they are flattened. Then just put in the Yellow recycling bin where they will be forwarded to the recycling industry and transformed into other objects.

So, the more packaging of Plastic/Metal sent for recycling, more guarantee that they could be integrated into the manufacturing process of new materials and the correct separation of this type of material is critical to the success of the entire process.

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