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Corporate Strategy
The 90s were a turning point for companies that want to keep their business running.
The new technologies contributed to a new concept of market and new types of customers that are more demanding, informed and have specific and complex needs.
Companies exist in an environment of aggressiveness and extreme competitiveness.
Any Organisation needs to know exactly where it is going and, more importantly, what its key success factors (competitive advantages) are, in order to be successful and ensure its well-being.
The sooner the company is aware of the need of constant change and adjustment to the new game rules, the greater its advantage over its competitors will be, and its survival will be guaranteed.
As an organisation fundamentally driven by the quest for excellence and quality, LIPOR has to be aware of the global environment.
LIPOR has changed and adapted its path according to this new reality, bearing in mind the importance of its actions to the population it serves and the associated Municipalities.
The defined strategy aims to reinforce LIPOR's role as a Sustainable Organisation and a national and international reference in terms of waste management. This strategy will allow us to accomplish our Vision - Sustainability.
"Lasting development or sustainable development consists in development which meets the needs of current generations without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."

Bruntland Report - "Our Common Future", 1987 
The context we live in demands higher efficiency and effectiveness from all Organizations, specially public organisations. Bearing this in mind, LIPOR's Board of Directors has set too major strategic challenges for the development of the Organisation:
Internationalisation – The value of the know-how gathered in the course of 30 years, which becomes available to developing countries that now face the challenge of sustainable waste management.
Research and Innovation – Our path has been based on differentiation. Research and innovation are now essential for competitiveness and the entering into new markets.
Our offer is based on the search for sustainable solutions for our current and future customers. The public scope of our services defines our social accountability and environmental awareness policy, which translates into the recognition of our Brand.
The competence, accountability and engagement of our employees are the foundation of the results we've accomplished and definitely the key factor for the success of the strategic challenges the Board has defined.
Our current challenge consists of conceiving "our business" differently and striving for cost optimisation by improving our processes.  
As part of a Public Organisation, all of our employees are aware of the importance of rigorous public resources management. This is evident in the financial results we've achieved throughout the years. This is and always will be a requirement for LIPOR's daily management.
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