Circular economy: Waste as a resource

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On Agenda, there are several challenges and trends for the waste sector, which has been promoting a deeply reflection about the same.

Because we are living in a reality where the resource capacity is finite and the subsistence conditions must be ensured to the prosperity of the human race, the business as usual is not an option.

It is necessary and urgent adopt another paradigm.

The journey that LIPOR has been traveled is marked by the sustainability and excellence in all the activities and operations, attending to the promotion on the new management trends, such as the Circular Economy.

Advocating clearly that waste is managed as a resource LIPOR consolidates its position which is reflected by the creation of value along to the production cycle, characterized by the reintroduction of "waste" as "resource" in the value chain.

The projection of its circular business model, consolidated with projects that reflect the circular practices of the organization into different valences, allows ensuring that the dynamics established by LIPOR is correctly oriented and based into an optical regenerative and restorative of waste.

LIPOR recognizes itself in this new paradigm of circular economy and positioned its approach to add value, allows the maximization of the efficiency processes, products and resources.

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