Mission, Vision, Values and Policy

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 To implement innovative resource management solutions, promoting a circular approach and the creation of shared value.

 We want to participate in the global market and create trends for a sustainable future.

 To be Ambitious and passionate.
 To be Creative and think positive. 
 To be Responsible and rigorous.
 To be Ethical and a TEAM!.



In this context, in all its activities, products and services, as well as in relationships with all stakeholders, Lipor defined, as part of its sustainable management strategy, as its policy for Quality, Environment, Energy, Health and Safety, Social Responsibility and Innovation:

  • Consolidate the organization as a reference entity in the sustainable waste management area, promoting circular economy and a process approach;
  • Comply with legal requirements and other requirements to which the organization subscribes to, namely in terms of Social Responsibility. Respect the principles of international instruments of regulation, specifically the ILO Conventions and the international Human Rights standards presented in the annex and available on our website;
  • Prevent all forms of pollution, eliminate or minimize safety and health workers’ risks, as well as the surrounding community and promote quality, taking into account the nature, extent, and potential environmental impacts arising from accidents of our activities;
  • Prevent the occurrence of injuries and occupational diseases, promoting the hygiene, safety and health, through an in-depth analysis of the activities and their risks, informing, forming and involving employees;
  • Promote the continuous improvement of the innovation processes, boosting the internal knowledge, promoting a culture of innovation and creativity, enhancing the value of the Organization;
  • Ensure stakeholder satisfaction, creating strong partnerships with suppliers, through the integration in the process of acquiring, sustainable requirements in order to create a positive impact in society and in the economy, and a lower impact on the environment;
  • Ensure systematic improvement of energy performance through the design, implementation of practices and a culture of energy efficiency in the Organization;
  • Ensure, in a sustainable manner, the needs and expectations of stakeholders, progressively increasing the satisfaction and confidence in the Organization;
  • Promote the internalization of the culture and the values of LIPOR, ensuring continuous improvement in all areas of activity.

Educate, train, inform and share knowledge are key components of this policy, in order to contribute to Lipor sustainability and success.

November 14th, 2016


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