Unit Description

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The organic valorization unit is located in Baguim do Monte (northern Portugal), occupies 40.000 sqm and has a capacity to value 60 000 t / year of organic matter from selective collection of biodegradable waste (food waste and green waste) wich results in a production of about 15 t / year of high quality organic compost.
The unit began operating in May 2005. The quality in the careful selection of organic matter for composting and in the produced compost is very important and is a key aspect for the viability and success of the project.
This modern unit is complemented by two supporting facilities: one Green Park where all the green waste (grass, pruning, branches, etc.) is previously selected and a sorting plant for Green Cemetery Waste where a team of 6 people separate the green waste.

Unit characteristics
  • Low platform with ventilated floor, in a closed depressurised building
  • Separation between the traffic area and the waste disposal area
  • Discharge areas according to type of waste
  • Waste reception area: 480 m2 (3 days storage capacity)

Primary and Secondary Mechanical Treatment
  • Screens (150 mm/60 mm), magnetic separation, green waste shredder
  • Tunnel Feeding
  • Automatic/Mechanical

  • 18 Tunnels (12 tunnels followed by 6 more tunnels for post-composting)
  • Process control through temperature and oxygen probes
  • Pavilion with double roof that allows the control of thermal conditions on the inside
  • Water layer (20 cm high) above the tunnel cover for temperature control

  • Building with ventilated floor
  • Available area: 2,900 m2

  • Magnetic separation followed by screening (Spanwelle screen) with a 10 mm opening and light/heavy materials separation (Windshifter ballistic separator)

Storage and Bagging
  • Final product (compost) storage area with 6,700 m2
  • Automatic bagging system (variable capacity bags) and palletising
  • Big bag filling system
  • Granulation system

 Odour Treatment
  • Air flow: 410,000 Nm3/h
  • Contaminated air treatment: two air washers with individual capacity of 200,000 Nm3/h, followed by a biofiltration system with a total area of 3,130 m2, which consists of 18 biofilter sections and has wooden roots, sand and clay as filling material.
  • Treated air extraction system with 3 vertical ducts equipped with axial fans.

Waste Disposal Sites
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