EWWR Photo Contest launched!

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On the 9th February the EWWR has launched its third EWWR Photo Contest. From 9th February to 30th March, each of the thousands of Action Developer of the EWWR 2015 can send their best picture to the EWWR Secretariat via Facebook messenger.

The winner will be determined by the amount of "likes” the photo will get on Facebook. The votes for the best pictures will last from the beginning of the contest, the 9th February, to the 15th April.

Participants will simply have to respect some easy rules:

· Send your picture of a EWWR action

· Specify the theme of the action: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle or

· Clean-up

· Put the following information in the title of the photo:

· Name of action, name of action developer, day and place of implementation

· Make sure you own the rights of the picture

Don’t forget! Support your favourite picture with a ‘like’ by going on the photostream of the EWWR Facebookpage;

We can’t wait to see all your great EWWR pictures!

May the best #EWWR2015 photo win!
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