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20 of April of 2016

BioBlitz 2016: Meet LIPOR Municipalities Biodiversity

In 2016 Serralves is organizing the third edition of BioBlitz, a lightning-speed inventory exercise of species, conducted with participation of the general public, in a unique initiative in one of Portugal’s historical and urban gardens.

LIPOR and its Associated Municipalities will be represented with a display of its biodiversity in terms of Flora and Fauna, giving the meeting participants the biological wealth that each municipality has to offer.

Unlike a scientific inventory, which is limited to biologists and other researchers, BioBlitz is open to families, students, teachers and other community members, who will help researchers find plants and animals in Serralves Park.

During the week (9-13 May) the programme will be dedicated to the participation of schools and on Saturday (14 May) is open the general public.

Diverse biological groups in the Park will be catalogued: Birds, Amphibians and Reptiles, Micromammals and Bats, Insects and Spiders, plants, lichens and mushrooms. Each will have a field station located in Serralves Park, from which we can accompany the inventory sessions. In the case of Birds and Butterflies, it will even be possible to do some independent monitoring: participants can simply collect a kit, make an online application and record the collected data.

In parallel, family workshops will be organised dedicated to each species, conversations about biodiversity and the documentaries "There’s life in Serralves”.

This is a unique opportunity to help expand the list of identified species, work with the scientific community and learn more about the fauna and flora of Serralves Park.

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