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21 of September of 2017

Embrulha. (Wrap it.) Re-launch of the Project against Food Waste

After the success of the pilot project, the re-launch of Embrulha. took place last September 21st.

This session was held at the Scala Palace Restaurant in Porto and was attended by Eng. Filipe Araújo, Councilor of the Porto Municipality and Director of Lipor and Dr. Fernando Leite, CEO of Lipor.

LIPOR and its Municipalities, promoting the Prevention of food waste production, are implementing a concerted strategy to reduce food waste, where it is planned to develop different actions, initiatives and projects.

This intermunicipal strategy involves creating an Observatory for Prevention of waste (food and other); continue the development of awareness/ training actions; the commitment to the development of Prevention projects (Dose Certa, Embrulha.); start coordinating the network for collection and distribution of food surpluses; and continue to ensure the correct transfer of food waste to the Composting Plant.

All this to achieve the effective reduction of food waste in the intervention area of Lipor.

In 2016, LIPOR and Porto Municipality implemented a pilot project focused in restaurants of the municipality and its clients: Embrulha. (Warp It.), aiming the reduction of the food fraction in the urban waste produced in this municipality.

With Embrulha. we wanted to validate that this would be a suitable and environmentally sustainable solution to reduce the food waste in the sector of the restaurants at Porto.

To this end, sustainable and free packages were made available to the restaurants to offer their customers, giving them the possibility of comfortably and safely bringing their food leftovers. In addition, it allowed to assess the clients' commitment to this practice and to evaluate the impact that the project could have on the production of food waste from restaurants.

The Embrulha. is a totally free project for participants and the results obtained were very promising in social, environmental and economic terms.

Providing packaging for food leftovers and informing customers of this option has proven to be a simple way to reduce food waste, so we are relaunching the Embrulha. counting with partners crucial to its success: Oporto City Council, HIDURBE, APHORT and the 31 restaurants participating in this phase.

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