20 Jan 2021

Home Composting - Our contribution to the recycling of bio-waste

With the promotion of Home Composting LIPOR aims to encourage the reduction of organic waste collection, reducing environmental impact and improving the quality of life of the population covered. In order to better understand the impact of this project and measure the amount of food waste that each participant on the project diverts to his composter, another survey was launched on the weight of the bucket.

In this survey, 270 responses were obtained, with an average of 1.5 kg of food waste/bucket/participant. On average, each person places about 3 buckets of food waste per week in their composter.

With the 15 818 composters implemented (data for 2020) in the 8 Lipor municipalities, home composting allows about 3970 t/year of food waste to be deterred from the waste management circuit. This corresponds to 833.7 t of CO2eq emissions that have been avoided.

The contribution of participants in home composting is essential for this survey, and for the continuity of the project, for which we would like to thank everyone for their contribution.

Home Composting, bring this idea to life!

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