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18 of September of 2017

Inaugurated two more kitchen gardens of the "Horta à Porta" project: Fundo de Vila (Maia) and Oliveira (Porto)

The "Horta à Porta" project is a project of Urban Kitchen Gardens which aims to promote contact with nature, healthy food and quality of life, preventing the production of organic waste and seeking to inspire more sustainable behaviours in the population of the eight municipalities.

Currently the project has 1 715 plots spread over 52 kitchen gardens, making a total area of 113 874 m2 of agriculture in organic farming mode.

This is a project developed in partnership between Lipor and its associated municipalities.

Last Thursday, September 14, another kitchen garden was oppened in the municipality of Maia, in the parish of Milheirós. The Fundo de Vila is the 9th garden of the municipality of Maia and the 1st of the parish of Milheirós.

Today, Maia has 328 plots, cultivated in biological mode, making a total area of 20 570 m2.

Likewise, last Friday, September 15 was inaugurated the kitchen garden of Oliveira, in the parish of Campanhã. This was the 14th kitchen garden in the city of Oporto, counting 80 "normal" plots and with the anticipation of being implemented in the near future more than 10 "elevated" plots.

The vegetable garden of Oliveira is the 2nd largest kitchen garden of Porto, implemented in a total area of 4173 m2. The Municipality of Porto has 14 active gardens, with 497 plots implemented in a total area of 42 190 m2.

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