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22 of June of 2015

Lipor inaugurate pedestrian path connecting Palmilheira Pier to Adventure Park

LIPOR and its Associated Municipalities inaugurated the Pedestrian path of access to the Adventure Park.

Integrated into its strategy for Sustainability and Biodiversity project that promotes with several partners, LIPOR decided to create a pedestrian path that serves as access to the Adventure Park. The goal is the promotion of Sustainable Mobility, allowing the population access to the park without being in own vehicle, thereby minimizing associated emissions. For this purpose was created a partnership with the CP (Portuguese railways), to offer the public more attractive travel packages, in particular the economic level.

Since 2010 the Adventure Park, each year between May and September, open its doors to the community allowing the same enjoy the space infrastructure and activity. The result of the concern in recovering the environmental liabilities of the surrounding areas, and within the framework of LIPOR biodiversity strategy, the approach to Tinto River has assumed an important role, too.

So, this path, now inaugurated, also aims to promote the riverbed and the contact of the population with it, helping in its protection, dissemination, preservation and enhancement of environmental heritage.

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