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16 of September of 2017

More than Five Hundred People at the Openning of the Lipor Ecological Trail

The opening of LIPOR Ecological Trail took place last September 16, at 10:00 am, at Baguim do Monte and was celebrated with a Race/ Walk.

Integrated on the Biodiversity Strategy, LIPOR and Associated Municipalities developed another infrastructure that aims to bring the Community closer to Rio Tinto, giving it back to its population - the LIPOR Ecological Trail.

The opening of the trail was commemorated with the presence of the Mayor of Valongo and Director of Lipor Dr. José Manuel Ribeiro and Dr. Quirino Jesus, Espinho Director of Lipor. Several representatives of local government and other entities were also present.

Around 650 people took part in the opening of the trail, running or walking.

Since the opening of Parque Aventura (Adventure Park) in 2009, its opening to the population in the summer of 2010, the inauguration of the Pedestrian Trail in 2015, linking the Águas Santas/ Palmilheira train station to the Park, the creation of the Footbridge in 2016, flanking Rio Tinto, year after year, we have improved the Park and the river banks promoting knowledge and the preservation of biodiversity.

The LIPOR Ecological Trail aims to present biodiversity, river Rio Tinto in its fullness and promote the interaction of the population with the environment, helping to protect, disseminate, preserve and enhance the environmental heritage.

In the construction of the Ecological Trail, 38 tons of mixed plastics, 100% recycled, were used to produce boardwalks, railings, poles and urban furniture.

LIPOR and its Associated Municipalities took another step in bringing the Community closer to Rio Tinto.

We are returning the Rio Tinto to the population.

Walk and Contemplate!

Photo gallery available here:

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