19 Dec 2022

Music and Christmas Talks at Casa do Corim

This year the Casa do Corim was a highlight of the Christmas celebrations in the surrounding community. Besides the Nativity scene exhibition, the pottery workshops and the Christmas market, which attracted hundreds of people, music, stories and traditions were also memorable moments.

The Christmas program was crowned with truly enriching moments such as the performance of the wind quintet of the Gueifães Martial Band which interpreted the Christmas carols of all times, filling the hearts of all those who were able to watch this show.

We should also highlight the tender moment provided by Joel Cleto, who accompanied us in a Talk about Christmas and the representation of the Nativity in the nativity scenes throughout time. A true moment of knowledge and curiosity that left no one indifferent.

But the festive season is still half over. Thus, on January 14 you can still visit the Three Kings' Market where you can watch the traditional singing of the Kings and where there will also be a workshop on tile painting, unique experiences for those who visit Casa do Corim.

These initiatives of Casa do Corim initiate our purpose of spreading the local and regional heritage, boosting the sharing of knowledge, in an event that we want to be cultural and artistic.

We count on the strong involvement of the community that finds in the Casa do Corim activities of preservation of collective memories and that in this season will be closely linked to Christmas and handicraft, making the Casa do Corim a place of culture and popular art.

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