18 Jun

SEMENTE receives a donation of € 50,000.00 from the fund “Ferrovial Juntos Covid-19”

Ferrovial, through Ferrovial Services, one of the largest private companies in the field of urban services and infrastructures in Portugal, made a donation of 150,000 euros to four institutions in the country that fight Covid-19, namely SEMENTE-LIPOR Volunteer Association , the Portuguese Red Cross - Maia Delegation, Santa Casa da Misericórdia of Porto (SCMP) and the Santarém EPE District Hospital.

The donation comes from the "Ferrovial Juntos Covid-19” fund that helps organizations and governments to combat the Covid-19 pandemic worldwide.

SEMENTE is ready to develop and implement the "ECO Project - Educate. Take care. Guide.”, Target of the application, which aims to support around 1000 citizens and their families who may experience serious economic and social needs, because of the forthcoming economic recession in the post-pandemic scenario. The Project will also contribute to reducing the unemployment rate, combating the failure rate at school, reducing social isolation, enhancing access to health care, and promoting the diversified and healthy diet of these families.

SEMENTE - LIPOR Volunteer Association, received a donation of 50,000 euros from Ferrovial, through Ferrovial Services, on June 18, in the opportunity of a visit to its facilities. On this occasion, the Collaboration Agreement was signed between the two entities, SEMENTE and Ferrovial, which formalizes the commitments of both parties.

The event was attended by the CEO of Ferrovial Services, Tiago Borges, the CEO of LIPOR, Fernando Leite and the Chairman of the Board of SEMENTE, Susana Abreu.

Download: Press Release (pt/en) (604.73 KB)
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