21 Oct

LIPOR celebrated 15 years of Organic Valorization with a Cycle of Webinars

In the year that LIPOR's Organic Valorization Plant celebrates 15 years of existence, LIPOR organized a Cycle of 4 Webinars dedicated to the theme "Bio-waste: new challenges, new solutions".

With this Webinars cycle, which took place between the 13th and the 21st October, it was intended to touch all the aspects and solutions that a strategy for Bio-waste should or can consider.

The event was attended by national and foreign speakers, who shared their experiences, successes, challenges, and difficulties in implementing solutions associated with the treatment of bio-waste in their countries and cities.

In all, the event, which was in an online format on the Teams platform, counted on the participation of more than 300 participants that increased from Webinar to Webinar given the interest revealed by the themes and the presentations and examples presented.

This event was undoubtedly a huge contribution in promoting the Valorization of Bio-waste and was fundamental to awaken the need, urgency, and importance of treating this waste stream.

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