18 Nov 2020

LIPOR takes care of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services and generates value 12 times higher than the investment made

"Biological diversity is a source of natural wealth and provides the basis for life and prosperity for all humanity. However, we are "erasing nature’s hard drive” without knowing the data contained in it (Stavros Dimas)”.

After 20 years of promoting and implementing strategic initiatives, actions and projects in favour of nature protection and biodiversity promotion, it became relevant for LIPOR and its associated municipalities to translate the impact of these investments into social, ecological and socio-ecological benefits for the community.

The public presentation of the "Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Plan" took place today, November 18th, in the form of a webinar, and included a debate on the approach and integration of biodiversity in companies and organizations, from the perspective of BCSD Portugal, Navigator, Serras do Porto Park Municipalities Association, CIBIO and NBI - Natural Business Intelligence.

Based on the TEEB methodology - The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity, and with the technical and scientific support of NBI, the contributions from the ecosystems managed by LIPOR to the different dimensions of human well-being were identified, quantified and economically valued.

In summary, we can say that the total value of the contributions generated by the enhancement of Ecosystem Services promoted by LIPOR was estimated to be at least 12 times higher than the investment made. In estimated absolute terms, an investment of 7 million euros was made by LIPOR and an estimated total value of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services contributions generated of at least 90 million euros.

The result was obtained by crossing the investments made by LIPOR in Parque Aventura and associated projects, in the last 20 years, and the quantification and economic valuation of the different benefits: ecological benefits (carbon capture, soil, fire protection, habitats and biodiversity), benefits socio-ecological (urban gardens) and social benefits (recreation and aesthetics, and knowledge systems).

LIPOR has a side that we know well and that takes care of our ENVIRONMENT, valorising the municipal waste produced at Porto area. But there is another side to LIPOR, the "B" side, the Biodiversity side. By working to change paradigms and create new management trends, LIPOR remains a pioneer in the fields of Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Natural Capital.

Download: Press Release (322.25 KB)
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