17 Feb 2021

Porto speeds up recycling of green waste with the involvement of municipality institutions

After the adoption of circuits for the selective collection of green waste at the door of the citizens, the municipal company Porto Ambiente, in close connection with LIPOR, extended the initiative to entities that produce this type of green surplus in greater quantity, with the placement of 62 containers in 27 strategic locations in the city, such as the Neighborhood Association of Bairro Central de Francos and the Faculty of Sports of the University of Porto (FADEUP).

The new phase of the initiative, implemented by Porto Ambiente since October last year, aims to provide the institutions, educational establishments, associations, buildings and urbanization of the municipality with the necessary conditions for the correct disposal and collection of green waste, with the placement specific 1,000 liter containers.

In the words of the Vice-President of the Chamber of Porto, responsible for the Department of Innovation and Environment and Director of LIPOR, Filipe Araújo "This is the beginning of a project to assign institutions, associations in the city of this type of containerization so that they can deposit their green waste, separate it from the undifferentiated that was where they put it today ”.

Green waste (surplus from gardening, such as grass, branches, leaves and flowers) represents 13% of the undifferentiated surplus produced annually in the area of influence of Porto, which translates into about 16,000 tons per year of green waste that is not handled properly. In order to contribute to the reuse and recycling of this biodegradable fraction, the municipal company joined LIPOR in this project that aims to prevent this type of surplus from ending up in undifferentiated waste containers.

After the collection of green waste by the vehicles of the Municipality of Porto, the destination is the LIPOR Organic Recovery Center, where, through a composting process, the NUTRIMAIS organic agricultural concealer - a high quality natural fertilizer - will be produced, which will again fertilize the cultivated soils at national level. "So, here is the true closing of the cycle in a logic of circular economy that we obviously want to enhance", adds councilman Filipe Araújo.

In addition to the distribution of containers and the consequent collection of green waste in this type of entities, citizens can also recycle the surplus of this type that they produce in gardens, through voluntary disposal in drop-off sites. The collection of green waste is also carried out weekly in the area covered by the "Reciclar é Dar +" project, currently with 900 members.

Financed by the POSEUR program (Operational Program Sustainability and Efficiency in the Use of Resources), the objective of the project is to be gradually extended, through the inclusion of more members, so that it can reach the entire municipality and contribute to the recycling process. Until 2023, national legislation provides for the mandatory selective collection of bio-waste, a goal that the city intends to fulfill.

In order to make this possible, the municipal company Porto Ambiente foresees new applications for community financing, which will make it possible to extend the project for the selective collection of green waste in the municipality.

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