17 Mar 2021

LIPOR is a case study for the Portuguese version of “Circular Transition Indicators V2.0”, launched by BCSD Portugal

LIPOR rose to a challenge from BCSD Portugal: to be pioneer in the use of a circularity tool, the CTI TOOL - Circular Transition Indicators, developed by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and by 30 member companies of this association. This tool is distinguished for having been developed by companies, for companies, helping them in a simple way to measure their degree of circularity, to define improvement objectives and to monitor their circular performance.

As a pilot project for experimenting with the CTI tool, LIPOR evaluated the circularity level of its NUTRIMAIS compost. Since it is an organic agricultural corrective and not a chemical fertilizer, regular application in agricultural soil of NUTRIMAIS results in the maintenance or increase of the soils natural fertility.

The Portuguese version of the "Circular Transition Indicators V2.0” was launched by BCSD Portugal, and includes indicators dedicated to the circularity of water, financial performance indicators and guidelines for a transition to the bioeconomy.
In addition to the LIPOR case study, this version includes two more case studies from companies in the BCSD Portugal Circular Economy Working Group that participated in this pilot project for the application of CTI's online tool, Efacec and Galp.

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