11 Aug

Innovative community composting spaces are born in the Municipality of Porto

Biowaste is a valuable resource and can be used to create compost, a vital organic corrective for plants and the soil. Community composting is a process that locally treats biowaste produced in a community, directly involving the citizen in solving this problem!
The inhabitants of Porto now have two spaces for community composting available: one next to the Parque Infantil do Amial, and another in Praça do Cávado, in Paranhos. The compost resulting from the process can be used by all project participants.
This process will be monitored by the Master of Composting, a fundamental figure for the success of this initiative. He will clarify all doubts and ensure the proper functioning of community composting.

To join and clear up any doubts, simply reside in the area covered and contact the Porto Line: 220 100 220.

This project is part of an integrated and inter-municipal bio-waste diversion strategy that will be the key to realizing the challenges launched by the European Union and operates on three scales: 1) in homes, 2) in communities and 3) at the municipal/ intercity.
This initiative is a collaboration between LIPOR and the municipal company Porto Ambiente, within the scope of the CityLoops project, financed by the Horizon 2020 Framework Program for Research and Innovation (H2020) and is an example of what is intended to be a solid solution for the Local treatment of Biowaste in the Lipor area.

With these two new concepts of community composting in the municipality of Porto and the also recent area of Bairro do Sobreiro in the municipality of Maia, in the Lipor area there are now 19 community composting spaces.

Community Composting, Home Composting, Selective Collection… several solutions, the same purpose! What matters is citizen participation!

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