11 Aug

Visit the Adventure Park & Ecological Trail without leaving your home!

It is possible to explore the Adventure Park Aventura & Ecological Trail without leaving your home. Immerse yourself in this visit, venture into the Park, walk the Trail and explore Biodiversity!

Adventure yourself:  www.lipor.pt/parque-aventura-trilho-ecologico/tour_interactive.html

In addition, it is possible to schedule a visit with LIPOR technicians to the Interpretative Circuit of the Ecological Trail.
On this visit, as you walk along the Ecological Trail, you will be able to get in touch with techniques for managing and maintaining sustainable green spaces, such as grazing and planting native species. You also can visit LIPOR's Rios+ Laboratory, a space that demonstrates good intervention practices for the requalification of streams and rivers, using various natural engineering techniques. This intervention allowed to keep the section of the trail along the Tinto River natural and protected.

To know more: www.lipor.pt/en/awareness/visits/eco-trail-interpretative-circuit/

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