10 Nov 2021

Accept the challenge for textile reduction and reuse and enter sustainable fashion!

The T-Circular Challenge will take place from November 13th to 28th, encouraging citizens to promote initiatives and share manual skills that contribute to the reduction and reuse of textiles, through social networks Facebook and Instagram.

Raising community awareness and mobilizing citizens to adopt more sustainable habits in the purchase, use and disposal of clothing are the main objectives of the T-Circular Challenge, launched by LIPOR in partnership with the Lady in Green blog. The terms of participation and participation prizes can be found in the T-Circular Challenge Regulation (document in Portuguese).

Citizens can participate by performing at least 2 of the challenges proposed in the Regulation, one of which must be in a higher level of difficulty, called level 2.
The themes of the challenges cover, at the basic level - level 1, donation, reuse, recycling; the option for 2nd hand shopping. And, at the upper level - level 2, sewing mending, creative transformation or upcycling of pieces, good clothing maintenance practices or dyeing with natural pigments.
Take part in the T-Circular Challenge, adopt a more circular and sustainable lifestyle and encourage your community to do the same!

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