17 Nov 2021

LIPOR present at the Ethics Forum to debate the results of the study "Ethics at Work: 2021 Survey of Employees"

What pressures do workers feel in their organizations? What are the main bad practices observed? How do employees assess their managers regarding ethics and what differences in perception exist according to age or gender?

These questions were explored and answered as part of the Ethics at Work: 2021 Survey of Employees study. Developed by the Institute of Business Ethics (IBE), the study was applied in 13 countries, counting with the support of the Ethics Forum of the Católica Porto Business School, including Portugal.

Last November 16, the results of this study were presented and debated at the Conference "A Voz dos Portugueses – Ethics at Work 2021” which took place in a hybrid format, at Católica do Porto and via online streaming.

LIPOR was present at the round table "The voice of managers: discussion and implications of the Study” with the participation of Fernando Leite, Managing Director. Steven Braekeveldt (CEO of AGEAS Portugal), Miguel Portela (General Manager of BIAL) and Pedro Ribeiro (HR Director of SuperBock Group) also participated in this debate, moderated by Alberto de Castro (director of CEGEA of Católica Porto Business School).

The debate approached important issues related to the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of artificial intelligence and respect for diversity, topics covered in the study by the Institute of Business Ethics (IBE), which in Portugal is applied by the Católica Porto Business School.

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