05 Jan

LIPOR renews compost granulation line, doubling its production capacity

With a production capacity of about 13,800 tons per year of compost for agriculture, LIPOR has in its bio waste recovery unit, a compost granulation unit, which allows it, after processing, to be sold on the market under the designation of NUTRIMAIS Granulate.

This year, in line with current market trends, where a significant increase in demand for agricultural composts in granular format is expected, LIPOR has planned the renewal of the production line associated with this process, which is expected to be fully operational in January 2022 and occupying the same physical area as the existing line, with the addition of some new equipment and reorganization of surrounding areas.

In fact, the new concept of this line includes a set of equipment that make it possible to optimize its capacity, as well as improve the quality of the final product. Given the characteristics of the compost intended for granulation, the solution integrates equipment with sufficient flexibility and efficiency to respond to the evolution of the process. Under these conditions, the implementation of a system of this nature requires the integration of various technologies necessary for the process, from input to obtaining the final product, which include inert extraction systems (densimetric table), crushing and compound calibration (mills), drying and cooling, complemented by management systems with a high level of automation to respond to the operational needs for adjustment and regulation.

It is expected, therefore, that current production, up to around 1 t/hour, will double to at least around 2 t/hour, and that, maintaining the same operating regime, it will have a minimum annual production of around 6,000 tons of compost in granular format, for all types of agricultural practices, and that will be also available for application in Biological mode.

This LIPOR production unit, with an investment of around 1.7 M€, was supported by community funds through Portugal 2020 – Operational Program for Sustainability and Efficiency in the Use of Resources (POSEUR).

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